Trying to find a Hallmark Christmas movie?

it played yesterday but I missed the beginning so I have no idea what it was called and I didn’t recognise any of the actors in it 🤷‍♀️

It looked recent, so maybe made in the last year or so?

there were three people living together, one man and two women, and they seemed to work as Christmas elves somewhere? one of the women fell for a single dad (he dressed like a professional type, suits etc) who seemed to be having a hard time dealing with Christmas for his son. there was someone building a large oversized Santa chair? the single dad came to the woman’s house and saw her hugging the man she lived with and got the wrong idea (they were just friends and she was upset). at the end there seemed to be something involving notes left for each other between the single dad and the woman, and there may have been a sleigh ride?

i really want to find this again, please help me track it down?

5 thoughts on “Trying to find a Hallmark Christmas movie?

    1. She was very helpful, I’ve been searching for that movie since xmas and it was her link that got me there, so yes, she deserves the point 😀

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