I don’t know anything else about this movie since I just saw the following snippet about it, and am a little embarrassed about the following, but here we go..

It was an English speaking film, and I’m pretty sure it was on Starz or some other movie channel during one of their free preview weekends, about two or three years ago. I only happened to catch a small glimpse of this scene: a man is tied upright to a.. piece of equipment that people are tied to when they want to restrain them for sex. His wrists are bound with his arms out at either side of him, and I assume he is naked (the movie either never showed or I never saw it).

He is talking to a woman who is also not naked, but scantily clad. She may have been holding a feather-duster like whip. She would get real close to his face, talk to him, maybe kissed him, and then would back up a little. They seemed to be having a disagreement of some form (I never heard any of the words they were saying. our sound was messed up at the time..)

Then, she goes to open the door to the room they are in, and a group of people in lab coats walk in, holding some like surgical equipment and various medical bags.

The man struggles to get his wrists free even though it is obviously fruitless.


And that’s all I’ve got. it was in English, in color, and looked to be fairly recent. I didn’t recognize any of the actors though..

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