New husband’s family may or may not be insane.

This movie goes back to the 50’s or early 60’s.  American film in black and white  about a young bride whose husband takes her back to their new home.  She recognizes the house from her childhood, and is terrified to go to a certain bedroom at the top of the stairs.  Another man shows up (I don’t remember his relationship to the new couple), but explains to the wife her husband’s family has a history of insanity, and her husband may be a murderer.  Her husband tells her that it is actually this other man who’s family is insane and he may be the murderer.  At some point, the new bride realizes the reason she’s terrified to enter the particular bedroom is, as a small girl,  she witnessed a murder and the murderer (who is one of the 2 men involved)  is in fact planning to kill her.  Great!  I can practically write the movie script, but I have no idea what the name is!

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  1. I think that this movie may be “Sleeping Murder” , the original story being an Agatha Christie book. It sounds like the same plot, and if it isn’t based on that book, then she should have sued someone for copyright infringement. Here’s the wiki link – hope it’s what you’re looking for.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the exact movie. I checked the internet for “Sleeping Murder”, and was referred to a youtube video, a Miss Marple mystery. This was dated 1987. The movie I’m looking for is from the 50’s or early 60’s. However, since the storyline is so similar, it may give me a good starting point!

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