teenager pretending to be older and got a job in fashion

this teenage girl for some reason worked at a fashion magazine/design company/(something to do with clothes) – she apparently was really good at her job, and there was this other female (and male?) colleague that were jealous.

I think the teenager was hosting a party or something, and the jealous colleague(s) figured out her real age and exposed her


I had the impression that it’s a very light-hearted movie (if you didn’t think so already based on what I described), and very likely to be before 2000. The style of clothing.. or the period that movie is based on, reminds me of the Back To The Future series actually….

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    1. TY! Funny that it should be, not for some ultra-obscure genre movie, but for a studio picture i have probably watched no fewer than 100 times. Like Goodfellas, i could come in at any point during a DTMtBD broadcast and would find myself unable not to watch through to the end. Haha.

      1. I took a writing seminar led by the screenwriter of DTMtBD—she was embarrassed by the title, but we were all impressed.

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