thriller/horror from 2000s fueding neighbours with torture and bloody scenes


I watched a film probably around the mid 2000s which I have never been able to find again nor can I remember the title.

It starts with two neighbours chatting in there front gardens. One of the neighbours lives on his own the other with his wife and 2 children

Its apparent they don’t really get on but the family invite him over for a meal as a kind of peace offering. The single neighbour was bearded and grey haired

During the meal things get out of hand and the grey haired single neighbour ends up putting the family through numerous torturous incidents.

This included tying up all the family and even killing the children (one of them at least) in front of the parents. It was quite disturbing especially killing the children. I think everyone ended up slained but maybe not the single neighbour. He was a cold meticulous phsychopathic killer.

Low budget film but well put together which i’d love to find and watch again.





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