Suspense Movie (Possibly a season finale of a show)

I’m dying to remember the name and the rest of the details of what I’m thinking is a movie or very well acted tv show. One of the last scenes is a guy, after having murdered and supposedly getting away with said murder, is at a cabin with his girlfriend, an older friend of his and his friend’s girlfriend who is a cop. In this scene the cop and he are outside at night chatting. The man says something that tips off the cop and she has the “You’re the killer. There’s no way you would’ve known that if it you weren’t.” And then he tries to calm her down, meanwhile also slowly walking backwards. The camera eventually pans over to reveal that he had a gun (I think taped) hidden on a nearby tree. She pulls her gun and he then whips out this gun. You dont see anything, because it cuts to his sleeping girlfriend, where you can see and hear a few shots from the window beside her.


That’s all I can remember! I’ve had a bunch of people ask of this is and Investigation Discovery episode. It was way too well acted and produced. It also had Viola Davis level of acting, really good acting from what I remember.

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