horror thriller from the 2000s i cant remember the title


I watched a film maybe about five years ago or a bit longer. I cant remember the title but can remember most of the film. I’ve googled and search horror lists but to no avail so I thought i’d give this a bash.

The film was a horror/torture genre set at a families house.

It starts with the family inviting there neighbour to dinner. There neighbour lives on his own.

The meal was a kind of peace offering as it’s clear as the movie unfolds the two neighbours haven’t quite seen eye to eye and have had a few feuds over time

The hosts are a mum and dad with 2 children and the neighbour I think was a bearded grey haired 40 to 50 something

into the film and the quarrelling begins and then its starts getting violent and aggressive and the neighbour begins to kidnap, tie up the family and threatens and beats them. the children are also tortured and I think even killed and it is quite harrowing. I really enjoyed it but quite remember the name of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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