Television Movie

Saw it in the late 90’s, could be early 00’s. It was in english and on television. I’m sure it was a television movie.

I remember it had something to do with bugs, and how some people were either hosts or actual insects in disguise (although, I don’t remember if they showed their bug form).

A man (a cop, I believe) and his wife make love one night. Later on, she somehow gets infected and tries to kill him. I don’t remember if he kills her or not, but a shady group of people take her and has her son “grown” to adulthood and he terrorizes the man. Towards the end, he tries to gain sympathy by calling out to him as a child would to a father, but immediately pulls a gun and shoots his dad in the leg.

Throughout the film, there’s a man with a ponytail walking around the scenes with an ominous intention. He brandishes a vial of black powder and mixes it with water and proclaims of the greatness of the “black nectar.” Also, there’s an anxiety of the bugs being released and spreading to take over the country. At one point, the father is bitten by the bugs while trying to close a hatch to prevent them from being released. And the only way to cure his infection was to ingest the “black salt” in the vial, which he promptly does.

The help would be great! I’ve been trying to figure this movie out for awhile.

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