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80’s slasher

Saw it in the 90’s, movie was American and possibly from anytime during the 80s. It was a low budget horror and teens going into the woods. Typical setup. The killer seemed to be an old man. At one point, one of the teen girls is strung up in a shed with cuts all over her lips. He then kills her, but this is where my memory gets hazy. Either later on or right at that moment, one of the guys from her group comes in and tackles the burly man. He then grabs the knife (yellow handle, or might have been a box cutter) and sits in the old mans back and stabs him continuously. They then run away. Ending scene is a panning if the woods, and you see the old man, wearing a straw hat, just continuing his daily life.

Another tidbit was that they would show his kills from his POV. The vision looked blurry and blocky, kind of like the the Doom or Duke Nukem video games on the Nintendo 64.

Horror movie, b-rated or less.

Memory is a bit fuzzy, but it was an American, possibly UK, b-rated horror movie, possibly from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Main guy was a psychic. He and some folks were in a mansion with a sketchy butler. The butler served a roasted pig to one of the gluttonous guests. After awhile, I think a girl discovered him and he had turned into a werepig and chased her. There was a dead man in a cooler or a casket, and the psychic guy would check to see if he was actually dead (trying to open his eyes and whatnot). When he came back later on, the body was gone and he ended up seeing the dead man at the top of the stairs. While the dead man laughed and taunted him, the psychic pointed at him with the rock on hand gesture and tell him to sleep. It seemed to work and the man looked like he was succumbing to the psychic powers.

At night, the psychic man slept in a room with open doors and a balcony. As he slept, the wind blew on the white curtains and it looked like there was a silhouette of a woman walking in. Next thing, the pointed clock on the shelf raised up on its own and hovered over him. Then it plunged into his chest/stomach. The next day, I guess someone visited the place and when they closed the door, the mirror hanging on the back showed resurrected psychic. He was saying something like “why did you wake me from my sleep?”

Please help, I’ve been racking my brain for years.

Magician movie

It was the late 90’s on Fox. It was in english and color. It was shown as a television movie, but I think they were trying to make it into a tv series, but it never gained momentum.

The movie was about a brother and sister living together. The brother took care of the finances by performing street magic. At one point, he shows off a hovering object between his hands to his sister. Saying he switched it up be changing the thread color. The sister dreams of the day where she is rich and lives a luxurious lifestyle. This is backed up flashbacks of her driving a red convertible.

In comes another magician and his female assistant. Instead of simple parlor tricks, they use “real” magic. Such as hovering objects with blue energy only seen by those that were chosen to see or something like that. It later turns out they’re from a group that protects people and have been around for hundreds/thousands of years. The magician selected the brother to pass on the title and role of protector to him and his assistant would aid him as it was his time to do so (I think he dies of old age).

As with any other movie, there’s a primary villain who’s been in captivity and finally breaks free. he coerces the sister to join him as he seduces her with giving her what she wants most in the world (the red convertible). The brother is being trained and is ushered into fighting him. At the end, the villain grabs the sister and throws her into the night sky and she fades away/disappears. I don’t remember if the antagonist was killed or he retreated. At the end, the brother is seen mourning, while the assistant comforts him, saying they’ll find his sister one day.

Television Movie

Saw it in the late 90’s, could be early 00’s. It was in english and on television. I’m sure it was a television movie.

I remember it had something to do with bugs, and how some people were either hosts or actual insects in disguise (although, I don’t remember if they showed their bug form).

A man (a cop, I believe) and his wife make love one night. Later on, she somehow gets infected and tries to kill him. I don’t remember if he kills her or not, but a shady group of people take her and has her son “grown” to adulthood and he terrorizes the man. Towards the end, he tries to gain sympathy by calling out to him as a child would to a father, but immediately pulls a gun and shoots his dad in the leg.

Throughout the film, there’s a man with a ponytail walking around the scenes with an ominous intention. He brandishes a vial of black powder and mixes it with water and proclaims of the greatness of the “black nectar.” Also, there’s an anxiety of the bugs being released and spreading to take over the country. At one point, the father is bitten by the bugs while trying to close a hatch to prevent them from being released. And the only way to cure his infection was to ingest the “black salt” in the vial, which he promptly does.

The help would be great! I’ve been trying to figure this movie out for awhile.