Swimming pool murder thriller with a twist

A thriller where a married couple own a seaside house. The house has an unusually deep swimming pool that is dilapidated. The husband murders the wife and hides the body at the bottom of the swimming pool. Then the police decide to drain the pool but it takes a long time to drain. It may have been an English cast. I think the pool was a salt water pool next to the ocean or something. Please help because Google searchers have failed.

2 thoughts on “Swimming pool murder thriller with a twist

  1. The original movie was “Diabolique,” a French movie with Simone Signoret. It has been remade several times including “Reflections of Murder,” with Sam Waterson, Tuesday Weld and Joan Hackett. The remakes do not have the same names. I am not sure which version you are referring to.

    1. Hi Synthia. The movie is not “Diabolique” but that is somewhat similar. Diabolique was on TV here in South Africa last night and it is this movie which then sparked my memory of this other one. The movie I saw was not including a school or teachers and the husband was the murderer. As the police are draining this deep pool, you see a chair, a bicycle and such and you are waiting for the body to appear. Very similar to “Diabolique”. I probably saw it in the 90’s. Thank you

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