Long forgotten animated movie

lease, help me to uncover the film. This movie is bothering me for AGES and you are my last hope :) .

The animation was classic – Disney or Don Bluth style. I watched this in early or middle 1990. It was a movie about antropomorphic animals (mice perhaps?) which were working in dark factory or mine, which belong to very mean character. The main hero was in love in the owner’s doughter, who of course was very sweet coarage etc. etc. The characteristic thing was some kind of disease, which spread towards the factory and turned workers into some kind of slimy monsters. I remember they finally found a cure – the sunshine.

All the movie was very dark and in Dickens style. I clearly remember some scenes, like bad guys founding a girl in the factory by smelling her perfumes, but I cannot find this kind of movie ANYWHERE.


3 thoughts on “Long forgotten animated movie

  1. I wish we could have helped you but thanks so much for letting us know you found it Aquilla so we can mark it “solved.” (I guess we weren’t the last hope after all!)

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