Strange Girl Wanders Around Town: She May Be Dead

I’ve never seen the beginning of this black and white arthouse flick of some kind, from the mid-1960s–an attractive blonde girl comes to town, gets a room at a boarding house, and walks around town. She is frightened and paranoid, thinks a man is after her. A doctor tries to help her. She goes on a date with an asshole neighbor to a loud club–she’s not happy but doesn’t want to be alone. At night, she keeps the house awake pacing and piling furniture against the door to keep “him” from getting in. She tries to flee town but her car breaks down–“he” finds her at the garage and she runs. Nobody on the street can see or hear her. Eventually she ends up at an abandoned amusement park in the desert, gets chased by zombies and disappears (seriously). The next day, a car is found in a river. It is full of dead bodies of young people–she is among them. “The End.”

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