1970’s TV series, occult/murder-mystery set in a British mansion….

…and where people are being killed by some “curse” which manifests itself as a symbol on the open side of the killer’s hand.

Ok, so my post title probably describes as much as I’ll remember. It’s vague (of course, going back to the 70’s….!) – but I think it was a British based TV series.  I remember that every episode somebody involved with the family members living in this mansion, would get killed. It was some sort of possession by an evil spirit, that would enter somebody’s body and then the person would kill someone. The only evidence of this “possession” was a symbol which manifests itself on the open side of the possessed person’s hand (you’d think a tattoo of some sort) which looked like a stylized number “7”.  But shortly after, (and only once the evil spirit would leave the person’s body…) the symbol would fade away and the person would regain consciousness without having been aware of having murdered someone.  That’s all I can remember…. other than one episode where the head maid or butler in the mansion, end-up being possessed and killing and important character.

Has anyone else seen this or aware of what this series was called ?? It’s been driving me nuts and my sister (the only other person who used to watch it with me , at that time), has no recollection whatsoever. Aaaaaaarghhhhh !!!

Thank you in advance if you can restore my sanity !

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  1. This is a long shot, but what you’re describing sounds very similar to Strange Paradise (1960-1970). It mostly takes place in a mansions and a mysterious mark appears on people’s hand as part of a family curse and whoever bears the mark is driven to murder.

    Here’s a link to an episode from YouTube and the mark on the hand appears at 0:57


    I hope this is what you’re looking for.

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