Famous halloween sound effects scream came from this movie

Hello.  I’m trying to recall the black and white movie about a woman who, at the end of the movie, burns to death in her own house, a mansion.  I think she has refused to leave the house for many years.  That’s about all I recall from the movie.  The scream she emits became a standard on most of the classic Halloween Sound Effects records.

Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Famous halloween sound effects scream came from this movie

    1. The movie can be watched on the Internet Archive. It is near the end, not the very end, the death of Miss Havisham. But I am not aware it became a sound effect for other movies.

      1. Not a sound effect from another movie but, rather, from a Halloween sound effects LP record I heard back in the sixties or seventies. A very distinctive scream.

    2. That’s it! I had thought it must have been from a more obscure movie but I was wrong. Thank you.

  1. I wonder if it couldn’t be an adaptation of Jane Eyre? There are several, but the 1934 version had some pretty impressive screaming.

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