Sci fi thriller a head is evil but she doesn’t speak

I remember a movie about a woman’s head in an enclosure. She doesn’t speak. All I remember was a little boy try in f to persuade her to release his father and she just stared at him. In another scene she sensed that someone was disrupting her plans and she shifts her eyes to the left with a look of concern on her face. I thought it was the brain that wouldn’t die but it’s not that movie. Thanks so much!

6 thoughts on “Sci fi thriller a head is evil but she doesn’t speak

  1. “Invaders from Mars” (1953)?

    This sounds similar to the scene at the end. The main character, a young boy, confronts the Mattian leader who looks like a head in a glass orb. He pounds his fists on the glass and yells at the Martian to release his dad and mom. The head does look down and to the right with a look of concern. You can watch the movie on YouTube. That scene is a little over an hour into it.

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