80s TV movie about nuclear protesting

TV movie, I’m pretty sure, from the mid 80s (we’ll say 83-86) in colour.  What I do remember:

  • movie set in Ontario – Toronto or Ottawa, can’t remember
  • main character young woman in her 20s
  • Parachute Club has a cameo at some type of festival singing “Rise Up” (I’ve looked on IMDB and other pages about them, can’t find anything related to them being in a movie)
  • The story had to do with nuclear weapons protesting
  • one scene – young woman in a bedroom with a young man, she’s hungry and he throws her a pomegranate
  • another scene – young woman talking with another woman about “boys will play with their toys” – which had something to do with the protesting, and I think possible bombs used in the protest

And if I recall correctly, the end had her walking away from the young man, him standing there on the street, the camera facing her, as she gets further and further away from the young man

Hope that rings a bell with someone.  Thanks 😀

2 thoughts on “80s TV movie about nuclear protesting

  1. Alrighty, apparently IMDB has been updated since I last searched. Turns out, the movie is called Unfinished Busines 1984, and I was wrong about how it ended. The main character walks down the street with the young man. Sorry for bothering everyone. Admin, I guess you can consider this solved LOL

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