Scandi 1960s

I saw this on TV in the early 1970s when I was very young. Shot in black & white & probably with subtitles as it had a swedish or scandanavian feel about it. One scene is about a young girl who moves into a small village & on her first day at her new school has her hat pulled off her head & it is passed around by all the children as they shout & mock her as they try the hat on. I seem to remember that it had been her mother’s hat that she treasured as her mother had died. The hat has a bunch of decorative cherries on it & the hat becomes battered & destroyed. When she gets the hat back the girl contracts headlice from it & when she returns home she has to have all of her long blonde hair cut short, which makes her really sad.  This is the only scene I remember & it had a big impact on me. I’d love to find out what it was! Thank you.

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