Old, low budget horror??

I’ve been looking for this particular horror movie for about 16 years, the reason i haven’t found the movie yet is probably because i don’t really remember that much about it! 🙁 so thought I’d give this site ago at tryin to crack it for me? If someone could help me find it I’d be VERY grateful! I’m pretty sure it’s not the 1971 movie “Harold & Maude” Ok then, here goes… It’s about a youngish looking lad and his fascination with death. he meets a stranger an older bloke and basically makes this lads fascination with death grow! In one scene the young lad pretends to slit his wrists and uses tomato sauce to look like blood & shows his mum. And in another scene the young lad ends up killing his parents in their bed! I can’t remember if he uses a baseball bat or a hammer to kill them with? But i do no it’s one or the other? I watched the movie on VHS about 19 years ago give or take. The movie is English spoken and also in color. That’s basically all i remember, i know it’s not much sorry, but if anyone thinks they might know what this movie is please let me know, thank you.

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