Robbery thwarted

I remember this movie from television perhaps as early as 1970’s where there was a group of bad guys (I think) robbing the rich family there.  The son got locked in his room because he was disabled (I think crutches or a wheel chair) and the bad guys thought he would not be able to cause trouble for them.  He opens his closet to reveal a ham radio station, with which he contacts people who call the police from all over the world.


I think the story took place in New York, in a high rise building.

2 thoughts on “Robbery thwarted

    1. From Wikipedia:
      Jimmy, the son of two of the residents, is a paraplegic and asthmatic who is left behind in his air-conditioned room. Using his amateur radio equipment, he calls up other radio amateurs, based in other states, who contact the police.

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