old black and white movie, for kids with live animals as actors


I am looking for an old black and white movie, probably french, at least they spoke French in this movie.

Movie is absolutely fantastic, tons of fun and it is kind of comedy for kids or teenagers, I guess. Main point was that all actors were live animals – duck, monkey, dogs…some others, I don’t remember.

Main plot was about duck travelling or escaping or looking for something…

I remember just few fragments from this movie.

  1. duck is driving some kind of radio controlled toy car with glass cockpit, trying to escape explosions all around. Monkey (evil) sitting inside bunker with a screen and joystick, shooting that car.
  2. car was hit and duck escaped. Then duck is somewhere inside the monkeys bunker or HQ or whatever you call it. Duck was trapped in some kind of fishnet bag and delivered to monkey.

That’s all what I remember. Movie is extremely funny, I tried to find it many times with different ways with no luck.

Anyone, please help me to find the name of this movie.

Many thanks in advance.

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