Resurrection Horror Movie

I watched this movie in the late 2000’s. A child, I think it was a son dies in what I believe is a car accident. The whole family is in shock, and the father’s in so much grief, that he takes the dead body of his so to this weird place, with a bunch of rocks or something. He does some sort of ritual, and eventually his son gets resurrected, but then the son one by one murders everyone. The ending of the film has the son murder his mother, but then the father kills his son in self defense. The father does the same resurrection ritual with the wife, and she comes back to life and hugs the husband, but as she does she takes a knife and stabs the husband in the back.

This film was in English, and might’ve been shown on the AMC channel, and I know for a fact that it was a movie.

Thanks in advance if anyone solves it, its been bugging me for a while!

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