Only clearly remember bits and pieces

There are the two guys who are working on a script or a book, but im thinking they arent the main plotline. I remember at the end, they are tied up (maybe through mistaken identity, maybe juat comedy of errors) but they witness whoever is holding them captive being killed, and use the experience to finish their story.

I wish i.had more information, but i cant  remember more than this. I dont think the movie is older than say the 90s. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Only clearly remember bits and pieces

    1. No it wouldnt have been that recent. Im guessing here because it seems like its been a while since i watched it. I wouldnt think it was after 2010ish. If im recalling correctly, i was watching it on tv, but part of my frustration is not being able to trust my own recollections. I really appreciate you trying to help. Thank you so much

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