Erotic Movie (could have been TV series), probably from the 90s

It was an erotic movie that contained nudity and sex scene, but NOT a pornographic one.

Movie was in English. I saw it in Poland in late 90s, either on Polsat (probably) or TV4 channel. It could have been older though, since they did show older movies from time to time.

I *think* it was Playboy productions, but not sure. I also got the impression that it was part of a TV series, rather than standalone movie, but again I can’t be sure.


(In the description below Older = 40s/50s, younger = 20s)

The plot is about an older and younger woman going to some sort of resort or something. The older woman is trying to get over a divorce or a bad relationship, and she tells the lady-owner/manager of the hotel or resort that she just want peace and time to forget.

They meet a man who if I remember right works there and a younger man who I think is his son. They get attracted to them, but the older woman is reluctant to enter into a relationship. They younger man and woman hit it off though.


After some time when the older woman is finally ready, she goes to find the older man, but spots him having sex with the younger woman. She is disappointed, ends up having sex with the younger man instead. Later next day or something, the younger woman admits it, but says the older man has only feelings for the older woman. So the older woman goes to find the older man and they express feelings for each other yadda yadda, yadda yadda.

In the end as the women leave, the lady owner/manager of the resort is shown and the viewer is given the impression that she knew this would happen.


Yeah, not much of a plot and I’m hazy on the details. But hopefully someone can recognize this and help me? Thank you.


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