Psychedelic Mermaids

I woke up after a drunken night to see this movie on television very early one morning. There’s a very specific scene that I can remember clearly.

It was in color and the scene is staged around a fountain in the middle of the room. The set design looks a little like it could be from a harem-inspired thing. Anyway, there are all these women lounging around and this guy goes up to one. Then, without any explanation, he kisses her and a window in the background bursts open. You can very clearly see a bright blue sky outside the window and a shrill sound comes out from the window like it’s singing because the woman is being kissed. Then the guy kisses some of the other women with something similar happening to the windows or other parts of the set, where they emit a “song” in response to the kiss. Then there was also something about mermaids, where the mermaids rescued the guy from drowning and brought him here to this place…

I can’t tell if it was English or another language because I don’t remember anyone speaking during the part that I was watching. From clothes/costuming choices, it looked like it was filmed either in the sixties or seventies.

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