80’s Computer Demon film

Here goes. I saw this movie many times in the 80’s on pay channels like HBO, Cinemax, etc. It was in color and either in English or dubbed really well. I remember that the story takes place at a private school (high school or college) and there was this fat, nerdy kid, that’s always being picked on and abused. He’s some kind of computer whiz and figures out a way to get back at the abusers. He brings a bunch of computer equipment to a basement( you know it was the 80’s because he’s either using an Apple II E or a really old IBM). He also brings a bunch of demonology books and goes to work to try to get a demon to come through the computer. He has success but the demon requires blood or sacrifices, so the fat kid either kills people and brings them to the basement or somehow brings the demon to the victims, I honestly cannot remember. The one other thing that I can remember is that one of his teachers is really, really, hot! I swear I remember it being Barbara Bach (Catherine’s sister) but there’s nothing about it on IMDB or anywhere else. So this “hot teacher” ends up being a victim but not before we get a nice nude shower scene. Hey I was 13 in 1980, those raging hormones are tough to quell. Please help, if you can.

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