22 thoughts on “Posted 3 times and still nobody even bothers answering it like grown-ups

  1. Apparently nobody knows the answer. I had actually tried finding the answer for you and came up empty handed. I don’t think anyone is purposefully avoiding your question, but making disparaging comments definitely isn’t going to get anyone to want to help you.

    1. I’m still trying to find the one about the ghostly woman. Olivier might seem impatient but at least he/she always responds to a correct answer. I just hate when they never respond, it’s rude and happens most of the time.

          1. I admit I got a bit carried away this time but it’s just that I’m under a lot of pressure lately.

    2. Thanks for trying. And okay, I got a little carried-away but it’s just that I’m under a lot of pressure lately.

  2. The only episode I can find that is even vaguely Godzilla-ish is this one…
    “Littlest Pet Shop Season 1 Episode 012 So You Skink You Can Dance”
    …where Vinnie the lizard imagines himself as Godzilla while searching for the remote?

        1. Sorry, but that’s not the one. In fact, this episode is not from the ’90’s series of the same name. Thanks for trying though.

  3. I have searched for this every time you’ve posted, read recaps of every known episode, and watched several that I thought could be it. And I spent hours searching for your scientist/ghost lady movie, too.

    The only things I have discovered while searching for this episode:

    – Some other people are searching for it, and apparently no one is able to find it. It does not seem to be on any episode list (or this was such a minor part of the plot it is not mentioned in any recaps).

    – It may not be that she grew, she may have been acting like Godzilla in the tiny city the little pets live in, where she would naturally be Godzilla-sized. So you may be looking for an episode where she breaks into the little city, not one where she grows. I don’t know if this will help in your search and if I’m wrong I’m sure I’ll have some insults thrown my way, but that’s all I’ve found.

    If you don’t get answers, it’s because we don’t know. And honestly, if you seem to be getting fewer guesses on your latest posts, it’s probably because you’re rude every time someone gets something wrong or doesn’t know an answer. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to waste my time searching anymore when the next post is going to be about how bad the guesses were, or we’re being told to “read this post very carefully before giving out any answers this time”. No one is going to want to help you if they know they’ll be getting a condescending response.

      1. That doesn’t make you special. That’s part of all life. But this website exists to be helpful — and I and many others come here to help. We do it for enjoyment and sometimes points. We are not paid employees so if you want help, hold back your rudeness.

        That said, this show is not available on VHS, DVD, YouTube or streaming that I can see. There is no detailed episode guide on the internet for it. It hasn’t aired on any channel since the 1990’s to my knowledge. I like crap like this but I didn’t even watch it when it aired. So I can’t access any organic data like I do for many things I’m able to solve. There have been maybe three different shows with this title and they’ve reused that character name for a more recent iteration of the show. So it is damn near impossible to search — though I certainly did try.

        I don’t know why you need to know this. I don’t know how you would implement this information if you had it. No matter how many times you post, you don’t give any such background on why this is so important to you. If you got some way to watch this series and care to, just watch it is my advice. Don’t be picky about which episode.

        I would broaden my search to other series in case you were remembering wrong, but I’m sure you’d be pretty rude if one were to suggest something else to you.

        So good luck to you. Like Livinghead, I give you some credit because you make replies. But from the start, you’ve exhibited troll like behavior and of course a troll would be good at responding. I suggested a movie to you once that for all I know, was the right film. But you can’t follow through and actually watch the movie. So it was pretty pointless indeed.

        1. According to my psychologist, I’m a low-degree autistic. It’s in my nature to be this way sometimes.

          1. I’m autistic. No need to make people think badly of us by saying it’s normal for us to act this way. It’s not. Just move on from this and be more polite in the future, please.

  4. Sorry, but that’s not the one. In fact, this episode is not from the ’90’s series of the same name. Thanks for trying though.

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