New Tom and Jerry show episodes

I wanna know the names of these 3 new Tom & Jerry show episodes.

One with the witch sisters where they change Tom’s mood and at one point, the lizard says: “Too Disney.” since he is given a Mickey Mouse look.

One with the 2 as detectives where they have to solve a crime involving a theft of a ruby stolen by two rival dogs: 1 male and 1 female who are descendants of dogs belonging to rival pirate captains and eventually become lovers that get married in the end.

One with a cat drinking a Hyde potion that turns Jerry and his nephew, Nibbles into monsters at the very end of the episode.

1 thought on “New Tom and Jerry show episodes

  1. Season 2 episode 22 “Cat-titude Adjustment”
    Season 1 episode 26 “Curse Case Scenario”
    Season 3 episode 42 “Hyde And Shriek”

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