3 thoughts on “Littlest Pet Shop (1995 TV series)

  1. I’m not sure which episode this is, but I know which it isn’t.

    I watched every episode I could find online and I’ve eliminated the following (almost half).

    2a “Frogs!”
    2b “The Closet Eater”
    3a “Chet, the Dream Horse”
    3b “Going Bananas”
    4a “Squeaks in Space”
    4b “Are You My Mumsy?”
    5a “Scaredy Dog”
    5b “Littlest Pit Stop”
    6a “Treasure of Sierra Pet Shop”
    6b “Really Big”
    7a “The Bully Bugs”
    7b “The Littlest Whodunit”
    8a “The Itch to Be Rich”
    10a “Baby!”
    11a “Belly of the Beast”
    13a “Attack of the Manwolf”
    15a “Do Not Solve Until Christmas”
    16a “For the Love of Lovas”
    16b “Obedience School”
    17a “Hamster-Lympics”
    17b “King Squeaks”
    19b “Bunny Beat”
    23a “Curse of the Mumsy”
    23b “Whenever Lola Laughs”
    29a “Stu Man and Super Squeaks”
    34a “Wrecking Havoc”
    34b “Chet Goes Hollywood”
    36a “Encino Mammoth”
    36b “When in ROM”
    37a “Chloe’s Evil Twin”
    39a “Who Scrooged McRude?”

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