Please Help Me Figure This Out And Move On With My Life

Hi everyone! When I was really young I saw parts of this movie (or episode I have no clue) and it scarred me for life and I just need to watch it now that I’m grown up so I can move on. I saw it in the early 2000s:

There is a scientist/ doctor guy and he has this lab and the protagonist is a boy in his late teens I’m pretty sure. The scientist guy invented a machine that when you step on you get turned into a hot women in a school uniform or something like that. And the boy tried to stop the scientist guy from convincing people to step into the machine thingy. I’m pretty sure that the boy’s parents even did it (they didn’t believe him that the doctor guy was evil). There was also a part where the scientist guy brought a girl into his lab and sat her in a chair and put on special glasses and then electricity shot in them and idk if she died or went blind or what but it really traumatized me at the time. Finally, I remember the guy being forced into the machine and he tried to resist but his clothes changed and I don’t really remember what else. This could easily be horror or sci-fi but also even comedy. I was too young to “get it” either way.

I know what I just described sounds crazy and isn’t very specific but it’s all I’ve got. It would be so incredible if someone had any idea what this could be. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!!!

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