A movie I saw on Netflix under the anime section back in 2012 or 2013

Around summer of I think 2012-2013 I was browsing through the anime section of Netflix and I found a really gritty animated movie [Which I wanna believe it was called God Eater] that was marked as Un-Rated and was roughly 2-4 hours long.

It involved this thing where humans were, I think they called it rusting? Aliens were the majority on earth (or at least the town)  and organ harvesting was a big thing.

The main character was a young boy whom I think he was trying to get a new heart for his sister. The guy who was like, his doctor or something, had his sister labelled to be harvested, so the kid was gonna kill him. Somewhere after this these organ harvesting alien whores came along, seduced the doctor, fucked him, and killed him. The boy was terrified I think and tried to escape or try to kill the whores (I don’t quite remember) and wound up badly injured.

Somewhere along the line he became some sorta sex slave or something for this huge alien lady (As I said I don’t quite remember) and later one of the alien whores from before (i think she had pink hair) helped him get free.

Later there was a bar scene where they tried to recruit a bounty hunter.

And somewhere around the end there were these rabid naked zombie women.


I do remember that there was a budding romance between the alien whore with pink hair and the boy she helped escape.

All I know was it was great and I’d love to know the name and where to find it.

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