Please help I have tried for years to figure this out!!!

Hello, I have tried for years to remember this movie title, but for the life of me I can’t… All I remember it that there was a Man with a mustache and a gun dressed as a Nun and he was committing grand theft auto on the highway somewhere in the country, and it ended with a Drunk motel desk clerk Blows up the Hotel…  I really can’t remember it and it would be great to know, because I remember it being really funny… Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Please help I have tried for years to figure this out!!!

  1. Another guess is . . . “Fuzz”(1972).
    It starred Burt Reynolds and he was dressed in a nun’s habit.

    1. I remember it being an american film, and it seems like it could have been Burt Reynolds I just can’t remember the name… I looked at Fuzz’ Trailer but it just did not look the same… I don’t know which era it was from, as every movie they show on this channel looks like it was made in the 70s… Idk.

    1. I believe it was made in the US, also I watched this on Free tv in 2010. Thanks for the help though, much appreciated!

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