Help me please. I must find this movie and tv serie.

Hello. I search a movie and a tv series.

first, is a movie. i watch this movie on tv about 8-9 years ago. movie about boy strip. there was a boy he was really handsome. he was work on a boy strip clup and girls watch them and end of the night girls buy a boy for a night. and there was a girl she way playing guitar (I guess) . it was really romantic for me.


and second is a tv series of Mexico or Venesuela. there are 3 brothers and the elger brother name was Oscar or Casper. the big brother was married and had a little girl. the big brother was a baker. the second brother was married with a rich old woman and then the woman was died. the brothers lived womans big home. but her daughter and son (May be they was in love with each other, because I can not remember) do not want they and they enter the house`s room and at the nights they show a hand.


if you know please help me. thanks

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