Older woman has an affair with younger man in CA?

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could help me find this movie I’ve been trying to find. I think it was made around 2008 and is about a young guy who recently graduated college and he meets this older woman. They hit it off and have a night out on the town having various adventures in the woman’s fiance’s car. I think they film is based in CA somewhere probably LA. Later that night, things heat up and they two hook up. Further in the film the woman doesn’t continue the affair going back to her fiance and marrying him breaking the younger guys heart. Its an American movie, and I think he crashes the red convertible? It has a an 80s theme to the whole movie but its definitely a more recent film. The soundtrack is what I’m after but I remember the movie being pretty good. I know thats not a lot of information but Im hoping someone on here could help me out. Thanks in advance!

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