Movie about love affair

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me find the name of this movie I’ve been trying to find. I saw it before and I think it came out around 2008 but not 100% sure. It’s about a recent college grad who meets an older woman. I think it takes place in CA somewhere possibly LA? They hit it off and end up having a night of adventure in her fiances red convertible? As the night goes on they hook up and things get steamy. Later in the movie she ends up goin back to her fiancé and breaks the young guys heart. It seemed like the movie was trying to have an 80s theme going similar to modern girls, but is definitely a more recent film. I can’t find it anywhere and am really trying to find the soundtrack because it was pretty good from what I remember. sorry I can’t remember anymore details, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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