I walked into the living room when my parents had passed out on the couch, and I noticed a movie playing, and it was about a quarter way finished. I started watching it, and from what I remember, this man (we’ll call him Steve.) raped a guys girlfriend right in front of the boyfriend (we’ll cam him Sam.) and later that day, Sam found out where Steve lived and started tormenting Steve’s family, and pulled out a gun with only one bullet, to which he would spin the chamber and pull the trigger to scare them, like in the game “Russian Roulette.” When Sam asked one of Steve’s daughters a question and she wouldn’t answer, he put the gun up the girl’s dress and threatened to shoot the her vagina, but he didn’t. However, he continued to spin the chamber and pull the trigger, yelling questions at the girl as she was sobbing into her hands. He spun the chamber once again only to be shocked to see that the one  bullet had finally shot out and went straight through the girl’s head. He was stunned as he looked around to see the horrified faces of Steve’s wife and other children. He dropped to the floor, sobbing, realizing what he had done, and regretting it. This is all I remember of the movie, I’m pretty sure it ended shortly after that, but could somebody please help me with the title of this movie?

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