Weird ”low-budget” cyberdystopia from 2000’s

The film I remember had a grey look to it, it was probably black and white but somehow I feel like ”greyscale” would be better fitting. I’ll explain why: the entire set of some of the scenes were entirely made out of cgi, as if it were a grey simulation (more on that later).

The protagonist (who might be the director) uses glasses, short hair and a white tucked-up shirt.

I saw it on public tv between 2003 and 2009, the film had some grain and was mostly shot in ”amateur style/look”, kind of like Ink by Jamin Winans from 2009. Its a very distinct look that these early 2000’s films had, maybe its the low budget?

I cant remember the plot, other than the protagonist receiving a mysterious package to their door. Inside the package there was either a machine or a suitcase or a dossier. I say machine because at one point the protagonist might have entered a simulated cgi world (still grey).

The next thing I remember is the protagonist sitting in a cafe (a CGI simulation cafe) with a suitcase in the table with him, he’s nervously waiting for someone because that was the instruction given to him. The protagonist roamed thru this greyscape receiving instructions from the mysterious dossier (I think).

In one scene he follows the instructions and eventually a tragedy happens. Maybe there was a bomb in the suitcase but I cant remember exactly what happens. Someone definitely gets hurt, but again everything feels very boxy, and dreamy, while being a grey 2004 CGI simulation (I say sim because the protagonist is the only person I remember in the film)


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  1. This is sounding similar to Filipino movie Cavite(2005) but for your description of greyscale background.

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