not a movie – more a longish music cartoon

i dont know if this is against the rules as i know it aint a movie . i saw a cartoon late 70s or early 80s about animals listening to acoustic music being played in a field or mountain all quiet and hippy like then slowly more musicians turn up and join in going from acoustic to electric then towers of speakers all get added and slowly the animals all clear off – any ideas ? any help much appreciated

3 thoughts on “not a movie – more a longish music cartoon

  1. Sounds like the classic claymation video “Mountain Music” from the late 70’s Fantastic Animation Festival film. I actually saw that in a theater in 1977.

    1. spot on – this has been bugging me for years – just watched it on youtube exactly right
      thank you very much – i still dont know how to put you forward for any points but hope someone sees this and rewards you – well done sir

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