teenage boy and girl find money that belongs to gangsters

I saw this movie back in like 2005-2007 so I don’t remember a lot of detail. Its a foreign film from Asia (I can’t remember what country from over there) about a boy and a girl who find a case full of money. They are both strangers and don’t know each other, but they meet because they each find the case full of money. If I remember clearly, the boy finds the money first, then loses it when he is trying to hide from the gangsters who lost it. The girl finds it, and then the boy meets her and they team up in order to outrun the gangsters. I think the boy and girl bickered a lot through out the movie but eventually get together by the end of the movie. Again not sure, but I think both protagonist where down on their luck and the money was their way out of their old life. There is a scene I remember where they are in an office building and a bomb goes off. That is how the teens escape at one point. As for genre I would think its some what of a comedy. I saw it either on the IFC or Sundance channel, I can’t remember cause they were right next to each other on directTV.

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