need to find the title to this movie i think it was a made for tv movie

this is a fairly modern movie because they were using cell phones

this woman had a friend who gets her a new job i believe

the woman

either had a drug problem or a mental break down and her friend got her

the job to get her back funtioning ,

i think it was like a job interviewing

people . when she leaves work (on location) she takes a short cut on a back road she

gets distracted on her cell phone because of poor service area and runs off the road and gets stuck can’t get out and no cell


well in a short time a man stops and its a famous either football or baseball player she just did an interview with that

day he gives her a ride to his house  to use the phone pretends to call tow company after a period

of time he makes

advances on her winds up raping and beating her she gets out side and i think he has a knife and is going to kill her but she


a stick ,bat, or golf club don’t rember which and kills him i think they get near a well in his backyard and his body ends

up in it she doesn’t think

any one would believe it so she tries to cover it thru the rest of the movie

but at the end when

the police are looking for him because hes been missing so long they start to think she knows more than shes saying


start investagating the well and they find his body plus 3 or 4 other

women he did the same thing to .

thanks for any


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