Apparently its an Asian movie

I came home from work and had only a chance to watch this ending scene, an Asian guy ( might be Chinese ) wearing a cap shoots what looks like a ghost or a zombie jumping around a dark room with a shotgun.( It could be a mental hospital )

Why I’m so desperate to know the name of the movie is that at the end credits, they play this most beautiful song ever I’ve  heard in my whole life, it tried shazam but it didn’t recognize and the song ended, the script does looks Chinese  but I’m not 100% sure.

I need to listen to this song again before i die haha guyz please help me.

I watched this on 18th August so i think it might be a recent one. There are some words that i i remember from the end credits like.. “Lul’s” “Lee” “Oleg Gekman”if it helps. I also have a short video all blurry of the tv screen for the sample music. Ps : Sorry about my bad English.

7 thoughts on “Apparently its an Asian movie

  1. Thanks man but i don’t think its “Mail”, it wasn’t a magic gun it was a typical shotgun I’ll try to send you the link soon .

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