Native guy buried under rocks

I remember watching this movie as a kid. It started out with a teenage boy riding a skateboard, and he stole a CD. He was caught by the cops, and had to go on a little plane with this teenage girl somewhere…I can’t remember. Probably a juvenile detention center would be my guess. Anyway, this Native American man is flying the plane, and it ends up crashing. I remember the Native American man ends up dying later and the girl and boy bury him in a pile of rocks. Then at one point the girl gets bit by a snake, and the boy has to suck out the venom. Then he builds a raft to go down the river to try to find help, and she hallucinates that she has to find this certain plant or flower, I think, to save her life. That’s about all I can remember. Can someone please help me? This has been driving me crazy for years.

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