Women locked up in a basement

Good luck on this one… mainly because I do not remember much of it to explain it. I remember seeing this movie awhile back that randomly pops on my head so i want to figure it out.

I remember this being an older and lower quality movie. It took place in a large house in the middle of no where or a farm house. I believe it was possibly a brothel. They had a bunch of women locked up in a large cell in the basement and would spray them down with a hose to either clean them or as punishment. I also remember a car with a couple of guys pulling up to the house wanting to get in, I believe to save the girls and there were other guys other side not letting them in. It was a stand off that I believe ended in a shoot out. Again it was not high quality at all, probably even a little campy.

That is all I can remember. I just want to figure this out because I can not figure out what this movie is about and where and why I ever saw it.

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