Mysterious visions of a murder?

I’ve been trying to find the title of this movie for years.  I’ve tried searching with Google and IMDB for hours but to no avail.

The basic plot goes something like this : A couple is moving out of their home when strange things begin to happen.  They start having visions of an older woman and a man (I’m not sure if they are husband and wife, can’t remember), the man clearly mistreating the woman and eventually killing her, and dumping her body in a river/canal/lake?.  The couple finally escapes these vision they believe to be haunting of the past, only to discover, when they meet the new tenant of their home, that what they were seeing was in fact the future, as these new tenant are the man and the woman they saw in their vision.  It’s the final punch of the movie.  I remember it ends on the face of the woman screaming when she recognizes the people from her vision.

I remember that the first thing that happens that’s weird is that there is a birdcage in the now emptied room of the leaving couple, and of course, it doesn’t belong to them.  I also remember that we see in one of the visions that the birds were killed by the future murderer to hurt the old woman.  I’m not entirely sure, but I think the old woman is drowned or strangled.  I’m almost positive that we see the murderer dumps her body hidden in a chest or a trunk in something like a river or a canal.

This is really hazy, as I saw this on TV when I was a child, at my grand-parent’s house.  This means that this movie was probably made somewhere between the mid-seventeen to the mid-eighties (it was in color).  It could be older than that, though.  The movie was in French, but it could have been a dubbed film.

Does this rings a bell to anybody here?

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  1. This question has been answered for me on another site. For those of you curious to know what it was, it was an English TV movie from 1984 : Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense: Season 1, Episode 6
    In Possession.

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