movie with “green t” as a clue

Hi, I recall watching this scene from a movie/tv episode at least 10 years ago, there was a clue of “green tea” and everyone was walking around the house opening cupboards, trying to figure out what it meant, after a while they realised that it actually meant the big green carpet with a letter T on it. It’s been bugging me for years not knowing where this is from, I hope someone out there could help me out!

One thought on “movie with “green t” as a clue

  1. That was from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation :: Stalker” (2002)
    ‘…Morris Pearson actually “witnessed” glimpses of the frightening events which transpired the night victim Jane Galloway(Brianna Brown)was suffocated with a plastic bag. And when he appears to Nick at the end, with the “green t” forewarning him of potential danger…’

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