Movie with a man and three girls on woods

I remember a movie with a man about 50 years old who was watching on a site three hot teens. These girls were talking with him with chat and video and they were asking him to do some ridiculous stuff and as a reward they would show their bodies to him. These stuff were like “act like a dog” and “drink water from toilet” etc. The man was some kind of retarded and he did everything.

But these girls were “bad” and they published videos of him doing these ridiculous stuff to internet just for fun.

The man then got mad and after some time (maybe a year) he found the girls and took them to a forest to torture them on camera as revenge.

The scene I remember most is this man whipping the naked blonde girl  covered with dirty soil and tied from her hands to a tree and then the brunnete girl saves her by hitting the man on head.

As I remember at the end the man killed all of three girls.

It’s not a famous movie and it’s like amateur or low budget. I think the title has to do with a synonym of word “Weird” but I am not sure.


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