60’s / 70 B&W man from Mars?

I was a kid about 7 and I caught this movie or show (putter limits maybe) it was black and white. Where the boyfriend comes back from a trips to space (Mars?) And when he comes back he can’t be in the sun, has the urge to kill or eat humans, he is dressed in black slacks, white shirt, black skinny tie, black gloves and black sunglasses. He comes back to his girlfriend but the parents know something is wrong with him. That’s all I remember so it’s about 40 years old… Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “60’s / 70 B&W man from Mars?

  1. Are you sure you aren’t remembering Bob Clark’s Deathdream (AKA Dead of Night) (1974)? It’s color, and Andy returns from Vietnam, not from outer space, but the other details fit.

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