Animal heads, dog prisoner talks to penis, falls in love with cow

Yes, i realize, very bizarre! I dont know why it popped into my head, but it was actually a decent movie. All of the actors where large animal heads. The man characters are a dog who openly talks with his inspirational penis. They write poetry together, plays, etc. He is kept prisoner in (what i think) is renaissance france?

His poetry is then taken to another prisoner, who is a female cow that is constantly weeping and holding a handkerchief. They fall in love with each other. She knows of his penis and even helps it at times. She is raped by a rat like man who has been stealing the dogs poetry and giving to her to read.

I think it has a french title to it? I know. crazy. I am sure i am one of the only people who has ever seen it, but is was actually pretty well done for how crazy it sounds. still crazy. but at least well done crazy.

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