movie where woman finds man dead in bathtub

I saw this on TV probably around 2002, when I was very young. I have no idea if it was part of a movie or an episode of a TV show. It was in color and in English, and looked pretty contemporary. In the first scene I remember, a woman is talking on the phone with a man (possibly her husband/boyfriend) and he abruptly has to end the conversation, I think he hears some kind of thumping or crashing sound offscreen. In a later scene, the woman comes into his home, and I think she found a lamp knocked over or something. She goes into the bathroom and finds the man dead in the tub – I don’t think there was any obvious blood, the tub was not filled with water, and the man had his clothes on. The woman sits next to the tub, and after a very long pause, starts wailing. The editing is very slow – I believe the whole bathroom scene is one unbroken shot. There were no jump cuts, and it did not feel like a horror movie, but I was also very young so my memory might not be perfectly accurate. Please help!

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