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movie where woman finds man dead in bathtub

I saw this on TV probably around 2002, when I was very young. I have no idea if it was part of a movie or an episode of a TV show. It was in color and in English, and looked pretty contemporary. In the first scene I remember, a woman is talking on the phone with a man (possibly her husband/boyfriend) and he abruptly has to end the conversation, I think he hears some kind of thumping or crashing sound offscreen. In a later scene, the woman comes into his home, and I think she found a lamp knocked over or something. She goes into the bathroom and finds the man dead in the tub – I don’t think there was any obvious blood, the tub was not filled with water, and the man had his clothes on. The woman sits next to the tub, and after a very long pause, starts wailing. The editing is very slow – I believe the whole bathroom scene is one unbroken shot. There were no jump cuts, and it did not feel like a horror movie, but I was also very young so my memory might not be perfectly accurate. Please help!

movie where staircase collapses during fire drill

I saw this on TV when I was a little kid (probably between 2001-2005). I think it was a black&white movie, or possibly a TV episode, and it was in English. I don’t remember the plot, but I distinctly remember a scene in a classroom where the fire alarm rings and the teacher tells the students that there’s a fire drill and they have to go downstairs. There’s a close-up shot of one of the stairs with the kids’ feet walking on it, and the bolt slowly loosening from the wall until the stair collapses. Offscreen, there are crashing sounds and sounds of yelling, and the scene fades to black. The next scene is a funeral for the children who died. Later in the movie/episode, a man is giving a heartfelt speech and he mentions the staircase collapse and the death of the children. Please help me figure out what this is! It’s been bothering me for 15 years and I can’t find anything about it.