movie where there is a realtor trying to sell a house to a couple

I just remember that the realtor is telling the couple horror stories of the houses he is trying to sell. In one of the houses I believe there was a little girl that had a monkey that ended up killing her family. Upon hearing the story the couple decide they don’t want the house, the realtor shows them another house and the couple love it. Its a big house with a pool, but the husband asks why its so cheap and so the realtor tells him the story. A young guy lived there with his parents who were ever there and the young guy started having visions of a killer that wore a grandma mask when he killed his victims. Those visions became true and he finally went to a therapist i guess to talk about it. In the end he tells the therapist that he is actually there because he had a vision she was gonna get killed. Therapist gets scared, runs off and gets killed by the grandma killer. I think the kid gets killed as well. After the realtor finishes the story the couple refuse to look at any other houses and the realtor gets desperate and stabs the husband on the neck with the house key. The wife runs and tries to get a neighbor to help but she realizes that the whole neighborhood is messed up. I haven’t found this movie and I really wanna know what it is. I think I saw it in the early 2000’s? Maybe mid 2000’s?

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